* Jul '02: Conference Roundup
* Jul '02: Photos Available
* Jun '02: More Guests, Conference Program, Spousal Activities, and Afternoon Short Tours
* May '02: Dinner Cruise and Honored Guests Update
* Apr '02: Fr. Doyle is coming too!
* Apr '02: Call for Conference and Hotel Rate Rectification
* Mar '02: Conference Theme and Honoured Guests
* Jan '02: Midland Trip (Day 4) Details
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IC2002 CD available: February 2003

Front Cover
Back Cover

The IC2002 CD is finally completed and is available for sale! This 2-CD archive recapitulates some of the wonderful moments from Wah Yan International Conference 2002, the largest and perhaps the greatest event ever hosted by the alumni in Toronto. The 2-CD set features:

  1. Beyond Nostalgia - wrap-up of the group discussions by Dr. Thomas Li Shing-fu (in QuickTime video format)
  2. Complete archive of the IC2002 web site, including a PDF version of our Gala Program Book, history of past conferences, and lots of information on Toronto.
  3. Photo Gallery - over 1,000 4R-sized photos, including the conference group photo.
  4. An hour of video clippings in VCD format (more than 20 different memorable moments)
  5. Reports & presentations from various speakers

Price is $30CAD or $20US per set (plus shipping & handling). We accept personal cheques (Canadian) and money order. To order, please send an email to and provide us with your:

We will confirm your orders by e-mail with total cost (including shipping & handling if necessary).

We are currently shipping the CDs to the 30+ alumni who had ordered last summer. We will send you an e-mail to confirm your postal address and shipment.