Toronto News

22nd Sept, 10 Tor Annual General Meeting!
02nd Aug, 10 Tor Passing of Paul Wong 黃浩懷 (WYCHK class of 64)
04th Oct, 09 Tor Annual General Meeting!
08th July, 09 Tor Dinner with Fr. Stephen Chow
14th June, 09 Tor Summer BBQ!!
05th Nov, 08 Tor Re-cap of 2008 AGM Dinner - by Matthew San
05th Nov, 08 Tor Slide show for the year 2008
01st Oct, 08 Tor WYCHKOAA Annual General Meeting 2008!!!
12th July, 08 Tor WYCHKOAA announcement of Summer Activity Day
01st May, 08 Tor WYCHKOAA official website is redesigned
07th Mar, 08 HK Wah Yan International Conference 2008 (IC2008)
07th Mar, 08 Tor Father Zee's Recovery From Surgery
12th Nov, 07 Tor Executive committee of 2007-2008
12th Nov, 07 Tor Updates on WahYan One Family Foundation (WYOFF)


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Hong Kong News

05th Nov, 08 HK Jesuit Vision of Education
02nd Apr,08 HK Wah Yan F.A.Q.
02nd Apr,08 HK Gala Premiere: $1.3 million raised for WY One Family Foundation Ltd.
25th Mar, 08 HK Come join Fr. Deignan's Birthday Party
20th Mar, 08 HK Pride of Wah Yan

Other News

01st May, 08 HK Youtube Video 老師教訓學生講粗口 (WYCK)
01st May, 08 HK Youtube Video 香港第一位十優狀元 盧俊佳 電視訪問 -- 短版 (WYCHK)